Afghanistan to probe latest Al-CIAda abductions

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Afghanistan to probe latest Al-CIAda abductions

Post  jesuitsdidit2 on Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:47 pm

Afghanistan to probe US abductions

Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:23:59 GMT

Residents demand an immediate probe into the raid by US-led foreign forces that resulted in abduction of several local figures in Balkh Province.

No information is available on the fate of the abductees. The governor of Balkh has condemned the move, calling it brutal.

Governor Atta Mohammad Noor said such unauthorized operations by foreign forces will only lead to the Afghan people losing their trust in the government.

Local officials say an investigation will be launched into the incident.

Witnesses said two NATO reconnaissance aircraft and nine helicopters hovered over the area, terrifying residents.

The foreign soldiers then stormed the police chief's house and kidnapped him. They also abducted a local cleric along with a few other people.

A few months ago, US-led forces killed two local guards, and wounded a child while abducting several Afghan nationals in Balkh.

The Kabul government says the US-led military alliance is violating security agreements by killing Afghan security guards and civilians.

The Afghan Interior Ministry has repeatedly said NATO was violating a security agreement it signed with the Kabul government based on which all NATO operations in Kabul must be cleared with the government.

Hundreds of civilians have lost their lives in US-led airstrikes and ground operations in various parts of Afghanistan, with Afghans becoming more outraged over the seemingly endless number of deadly assaults.

The decade-long US-led war in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians, making 2010 the deadliest year for civilians since the invasion of the country in 2001.

Some 150,000 US-led NATO troops are currently stationed in Afghanistan.

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